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Running SimpleGame. 1

“Playing” The Game. 2

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The purpose of SimpleGame is to demonstrate use of the Ng Java Roguelike Engine with a simple, functional game.  SimpleGame plays much like Rogue, Moria, or Angband.  The most notable difference is the existence of monsters and terrain that are greater than 1 grid in size.


Running SimpleGame


Windows -- Version With JRE


If you have the version with the JRE and are using Windows, just run SimpleGame.exe.


Windows -- Normal Version (Without JRE)


You will need Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 5.0.  To check your version, go to a command prompt and type:


java –version


If the version number is less than 5.0, go to and install the latest JRE.


Once you have the JRE, just run SimpleGame.exe.





Run From Command Line


If you have JRE 5.0 installed, try:


java –jar lib/simple-game.jar

Run With Ant


You can also start SimpleGame with Ant.  If you do not have Ant 1.6.1+ installed, please download it from  Ant is a Java build and deployment tool. 


Assuming that you have Ant installed, and [ant-directory]/bin/ant.bat in your path, from the command line type:


ant simple


The Welcome Screen


When the game starts, you should see a window similar to this:



Press the space bar or use the menu item File -> New Game to play!  Note that File -> Save and Open are not yet operative.


“Playing” The Game


Notice that it vaguely resembles a way-stripped-down version of Angband.  At left, we can see that the player has one stat, Con (Constitution), as well as Max Hp (Maximum Hit Points) and Cur Hp (Current Hit Points), a Melee Value (how much damage the player does in an attack) and Experience.  Finally, speed appears at bottom.


Game Play



There is a help screen at the left that tells you what commands are available.  Move around with the arrow keys.  Attempting to move onto a monster will attack it.  Wield a weapon to increase your melee power.  Wield rings of Constitution to increase your hit points.  Eat mushrooms to heal, haste, or otherwise enchant yourself.


Move the player around, and killing monsters until reaching the Experience goal of 500,000 or getting killed.


Note that the player can regenerate HP simply by moving around.


Use the Options menu to change to text graphics or to a different language.  Note that translations are not always complete, so some English might be mixed in!


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